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During his day to day Medical practice a general practitioner comes across many unusual cases which require special attention and care by the physician. Such cases can be learnt about only through direct guidance and demonstration of specialised treatment from an expert.

This platform of ‘Special Case Discussion’ gives an opportunity to discuss such rare and special cases with the experienced faculty and get guidance from specialists in the field. This session will be in ‘Real Time’, meaning that it will be a ‘Live’ online session where students can interact with the experienced, specialist faculty member, and ask questions about the cases being discussed to get their doubts cleared.

There will be 4 real-time lectures (live and interactive) in the entire course syllabus.

During the entire PDDM course, 40 different recorded lectures will be delivered as study material. Each lecture will be approximately of 1 hour and students are bound to have some doubts and queries while studying this vast syllabus.

After completion of the online study modules, it is mandatory for every student to attend clinical rotation at Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai. During the clinical rotation of 2 weeks (11 working days) students are expected to attend hospital rounds and do consulting work along with the expert guide. The student will maintain a log of all the work done by him/her and will receive a rating based on the log book. This rating will be an added input to his/ her final scores. After completion of the 1st week of clinical, an online final examination will be conducted at Nanavati Hospital itself. Students have to continue with the clinical for the 2nd week after completion of final exam. Batch dates for attending the clinical will be given on ‘First come First serve’ basis.

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“After 9 successful batches, enrollment begins for the 10th batch of PDDM (Professional Diploma in Diabetes Management)!”

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